We are currently running two Sunday morning services as follows: 

9.30am Service
Traditional Liturgy
Ordered Worship
Community Life
Preaching of the Word
More Hymns
Close 10.30am
11am Service
More Contemporary Music
Community Life
Intergenerational Participation
Preaching of the Word
Informal discussion/prayer
Close 12 noon

Both services have a specific flavour because we know that different people use different language in their relationship with God and we want to, in some way, reflect this. 
You don’t need to choose one service and stay with it.  If you come to one service but feel you would like to try the other one to see which one helps connect you with God, that’s fine. Our tastes and languages change, this is a good way to find your fit or try something a little different. 
We hope you will find a service that will help you connect to God in a meaningful way. 


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